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Reikai Central - The YYH RPG Community's Journal

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Thursday, September 30th, 2004
12:40 pm - Log

Who: Shishiwakamaru and Chuu
When: Recently
What: Chuu decided to ask Shishi for help. Shishiwakamaru is not impressed.
Why? Because we love you. Oops wrong question.

Herin resides a half naked Shishiwakamaru - and the fangirls rejoicedCollapse )

current mood: exhausted

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Tuesday, October 8th, 2002
2:43 pm - Reikai Central - Main


made by Athena of ReikiTantei.net

This page is for the organization and discussion of Reikai Central's RPG journals. Only the character's players can post here. Members, to post here, make sure your Security Level is set to 'Friends.' I will post any OOC information that is open the the public.

To see the game, click here or on the 'Friends' link at the top of the page.
To see the Reikai Central website, click here.

For non-members:

Readers: You're welcome to leave comments on any of our journals. But, please try not to break the mood; stay in character, even though you're not in the game. If you're a fan, say it's because you saw them at a tournament, not because you watch the show. If your comment breaks character or is otherwise inappropriate, we will simply delete it from the journal. If you want to say something OOC to a particular character, feel free to e-mail us; our e-mail addresses are listed on each of the user pages, and at the Reikai Central homepage.

To join: Check below to see if the character you want is available. If s/he is, contact the GM at oOThornedRoseOo@yahoo.com, and make sure to have the name of the character you want to RP as the subject. There will be a short interview--we want to make sure this game is the very best. This can be done through AIM or e-mail. In some cases, the journal will already be set up, and temporarily played by another member; contact that member to get your password.

Original Characters: We do, in rare cases, allow semi-original characters. Currently, we have Rin Kawa, the president of the Shishiwakamaru fanclub. Our policy is this: all semi-original characters must have actually appeared, but not been named, in the show. Examples are Shishiwaka's various fangirls or the Hokushin-lookalikes in Raizen's kingdom. NO original characters can be S-class, period. If you want to join as a semi-original character to have more freedom in how to play your character, that's fine, but you will be a very MINOR part of most of the plots. Just remember, there's tons of characters from the show to take; we want them ALL to be involved. Aside from that, the joining requirements are the same as for any other character; see above.

Ayame - ferrygirl_ayame, taken
Botan - reikais_botan, available
Chuu - sake_chuu, taken
Doctor - codenamedoctor, available
En - (journal not yet created), available
Enki - (journal not yet created), available
Enma Daioh - (journal not yet created), available
Gamemaster - (journal not yet created), available
Genkai - reiki_master, available
Hiei - jagan, taken
Hinageshi - chibi_ferrygirl, taken
Hitanaka - (journal not yet created), available
Hitanaka Shuuichi - (journal not yet created), available
Hokushin - (journal not yet created), available
Itsuki - itsuki, taken
Jin - windmaster, taken
Jorge - reikaioni, available
Juri - kawaii_juri, taken
Kai - (journal not yet created), available
Kaito - (journal not yet created), available
Karasu - makais_crow, taken
Kido - (journal not yet created), available
Kirin - (journal not yet created), available
Koenma - lord_koenma, taken
Koko - (journal not yet created), available
Kotei - (journal not yet created), available
Koto - foxxy_girl, taken
Kurama - romanticsoldier, taken
Kuronue - kuronue, taken
Kuwabara Kazuma - kazuma_kuwabara, available
Kuwabara Shizuru - brothers_keeper, taken
Minamino Shiori - shiori_blue, taken
Mukuro - saisei_mukuro, taken
Natsume - (journal not yet created), available
Raizen - raizen, available
Reishyo - reishyo, taken
Rinku - yoyo_expert, taken
Ruka - (journal not yet created), available
Rui - (journal not yet created), available
Ryou - (journal not yet created), available
Satou Fubuki - (journal not yet created), available
Satou Kaisei - (journal not yet created), available
Satou Kuroko - (journal not yet created), available
Satou Shogou - (journal not yet created), available
Sayaka - chibi_tantei, available
Seaman - (journal not yet created), available
Sensui - sensui, taken
Shigure - (journal not yet created), available
Shishiwakamaru - shishiwakamaru, taken
Shura - (journal not yet created), available
Sniper - codenamesniper, taken
Suzuki - utskushiisuzuki, taken
Touya - icemaster, taken
Urameshi Atsuko - makaibabe, available
Urameshi Yuusuke - reigun_yuusuke, taken
Yanagisawa - (journal not yet created), available
Yomi - makais_demon, available
Yukina - koorime_yukina, available
Yukimura Keiko - yukimura_k_ko, taken

Semi-original Characters:
President of the Shishiwakamaru Fanclub, Rin Kawa - shishi_lover

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